A different way to learn, think, and grow.

Recent years have seen an explosion of scientific evidence showing that most students (and maybe almost all students) are capable of excelling in and enjoying math.


Although ed tech has been around for more than a decade, the outcomes in terms of student achievement are disillusioning. Over the last decade, student math achievement has steadily decreased according to the National Assessment for Educational Progress. In 2023, only 37% of 4th grade students meet the minimum standards for mathematical proficiency.


To expect new outcomes from working within the same conventional tools isn’t going to work. If we want to see improved outcomes in student achievement, we need to think beyond of the conventional ways of engaging kids with mathematics.


Struggly brings together three high impact research spaces: neuroscience, mathematics education, and growth mindset. We let students experience mathematics ...

  • ... as a visual creative connected subject
  • ... with a focus on strategizing, creativity, and persistence
  • ... in an explorative, inspiring, and engaging way
  • ... with a growing self-confidence in their intellectual abilities


World-class design that inspires curiosity and brings a new visual component to math learning.

Self-explanatory, low floor high ceiling tasks with an irresistible pull. Easy to start, hard to finish.

Overarching reward system based on multiple dimensions (e.g. strategizing, persistence) to drive student engagement and achievement.

Task recommendation based on psychological and competence criteria to grow both confidence and conceptual content knowledge.

Unique learning concept based on three high impact research spaces: neuroscience, math education, and growth mindset.